Below is a complete list of the snare injuries which the chimps of the Sonso community have suffered in recent years. There are undoubtedly many more we don’t know about where the snare drops off or is removed within a few days – or where the individual simply disappears.

Permanent Damage

These individuals have permanent damage to a limb:

Beatrice – right hand missing

Flora – missing right hand

Helen – snared hand, recovered almost all use

Juliet – left hand in permenant fist, same hand snared a second time

Kalema – hooked right hand

Kewaya – hooked right hand

Kigere – missing right foot

Kana – snare around left hand

Mukwano – snare damage to her fingers

Nick – snare mark around foot

Tinka – hooked/wasted left hand, hooked right hand

Wilma – missing right hand

Zig – right hand badly deformed by snare

No permanent effect

These individuals were seen with a snare but it usually disappeared within a few days and dosn’t seem to have caused permanent damage:

Monika – snared hand

Kwera – snared hand, Nick removed the snare

Kwezi – snared hand, snare was sucessfully removed during an intervention

Nora – snared hand

Nambi – snared hand

Squibs – snare round finger

Now dead

These individuals were all seen with snares or with snare damage before they died:

Bob – snare round right hand middle finger

Zana – both hands deformed

Shida – missing left hand, right ankle also snared

Gashom – missing third finger


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