The Snare Patrol

As you can see from the chimp biographies a large number of the members of the Sonso community have permanent injuries caused by snares (see the full list of snare-injuries here). These are set illegally by hunters in the forest with the intention of catching bush-meat like duiker, or bush-pig, but sadly also affect a large number of other animals, including the chimps. We have a dedicated Snare Patrol team, whose sole purpose is to move through our research area removing the snares from this core area of our community’s territory. Read more about the vital work they do here…

Nyakafunjo Women’s Group

The group was set up this year in order to help the women in the village generate a regular income from the beautiful basketry work that they do. Many of the members are the wives, mothers and sisters of our field assistants; as well as working from home the group meets regularly in the village on a wednesday afternoon to work together.

The baskets are made of raffia, which can be harvested from the forest in a sustainable way. Along with the natural plant and earth dies, they can produce intricately patterned objects from tiny pots complete with lids to the large open bowls used for storing rice and beans. These are then sold through a number of local outlets in Uganda and from January 2009 will also be available in the Budongo Trail exhibit at Edinburgh Zoo.

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