Welcome to the Sonso chimp community who’s who pages. For those of you who have never had the chance of meeting our chimps we hope to provide a little introduction to the characters who make up the group; and for those of you who know and love them well, we will try and keep all of the personal information and some photos updated so you can keep an eye on your furry friends. Just click on a chimp’s name to see a short biography.

As you can see we now have the policy of naming the children with the same first letter as that of their mother, this wasn’t the case early on in the project so there are a few exceptions (for example Ruhara – Nick), and in some cases we’ve ended up with several families that share a name letter – see the Ks! But hopefully in general this makes it easier to follow the relationships through the community members.

Core Group Females and their Children

Flora (Fred, Frank, Faida), Harriet (Hawa, Helen, Honey), Janie (Janet, James), Juliet, Kalema (Bahati, Kumi, Klaus), Kewaya (Katia, Kox), Kutu (Kato, Kana, Kasigwa, Kathy), Kwera (Kwezi, Karo, Karibu), Mukwano (Marion), Nambi (Musa, Nora, Night), Rachel, Ruhara (Nick, Rose, Ramula, Rafia), Sarine (Simon, Sokomoko), Wilma, Zimba (Kewaya, Zig, Zak)


Peripheral Females and their Children

Anna, Beatrice (Squibs, Birungi), Betty, Clea (Clint), Gladys (Gina, Goria), Kigere (Keti, Kuki, Kaspa), Melissa (Mark, Monika, ?), Polly (Pascal, Polina), Sabrina (Sally, Sean, Sharlot)

Adult and Independent Males

Bwoba, Duane, Fred, Gashom, Hawa, Kato, Kwezi, Maani, Musa, Nick, Pascal, Simon, Squibs, Tinka, Zalu, Zed, Zefa

Love our chimps? Want to help to conserve the Sonso community?

If the answer is yes then Adopt a Chimp through the BCFS website!


anyone in?

anyone in..?


Of course Chimps aren’t the only primates in Budongo, we also have four species of monkeys – Black and White Colobus, Red-tails, Blue monkeys and the baboons with whom we share our camp and occasionally if we’re not careful our kitchen and other camp facilities..



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