MELISSA (29 years old; born 1982; immigrated 2001)

Melissa is a peripheral female but when she’s around the community is extremely popular with the adult males. She and her daughter Monika (8 years old; 22 June 2003 ± 2 weeks) seem to have a very close bond but as she’s now pregnant with her next infant that relationship will be tested over the upcoming months. Her older son Mark (14 years old, born 1997 ± 1 year) has not been seen for a long time, he arrived with Melissa when she immigrated in 2001 but had a non-Sonso father and it could be possible that he has stayed with the community in which his father originated.

14th January 2009 – Melissa has been seen with her new baby! As soon as we know the sex we’ll let you know but for now the family is all doing well.

24th March 2009 – Melissa’s new baby boy has been named Mbotella after one of our field-assistants.

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