KALEMA(32years old; born 1979 ± 1 year; immigrated pre-1992)A key female in the Sonso community, Kalema is seen almost everyday. Affectionately known as the cone-heads, Kalema’s children have all inherited her characteristic pointy-headed profile. Despite her badly snared hand, she is a devoted mother to her three children, often coming to the rescue of the younger ones Kumi and Klaus when they have bitten off a bit more than they could chew.BAHATI (17 years old; born December 1994 ± 1 week)Bahati, whose name means luck in swahili, started her regular cycle of reproductive swellings several years ago, however soon got frustrated at the lack of interest she received from the adult males in her own community and started sneaking silently away when the north-eastern community were heard close by. In 2010 she started staying away for months at a time and it seems she's now emmigrated on a permanent basis. As we're now habituating this new group (the Waibira South group), we're hoping that one day soon we'll come across her - maybe with a new family of her own..

KUMI (10 years old; born 17 September 2000 ± 2 days)

A mischievous girl with a bit of a temper at times, she rarely passes up an opportunity to wrestle with her younger brother or her fellow mischief-maker Night.


KLAUS (5 years old; born 5 September 2006 ± 2 days)

While we’ve been lucky enough to have a number of new additions to the community in the last couple of years the majority of them have all been girls, which made Klaus’s arrival all the more special. Given that girls emigrate to other communities it is the boys born within the community that hold it together over the years and we are in desperate need of a few more to help ensure our community’s long term success. Initially Klaus gave us a lot to worry about, his co-ordination and motor skills seemed to develop much later than the other, younger, babies around him; however, over the pas year he has blossomed and is now revelling in his new found freedom. He seems particularly fond of Nick and often seems to seek him out for play if he’s near-by, Nick for his part is very tolerant of Klaus’s still somewhat clumsy attempts and likes to bounce him up and down.


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