Count us in for conservation!

June 10, 2011

At Sonso we are all too aware of the devastating problem caused by the snares and traps hunters leave in the forest, and the long term disabilities and pain they inflict on individuals ‘lucky’ enough to survive the experience of being snared.

One in three of our adult chimpanzees has a permanent disability caused by snare wires, and for many years now we have run an intensive program of education in the local schools and employed ex-hunters to take snares back out of the forest (see our team page here). This seems to be working and we are seeing fewer and fewer injuries in our community – but we are only one family in one tiny area of forest and there are so many more areas which suffer ever increasing pressure.

The Jane Goodall Institute has launched a new campaign to raise awareness and funding to address the problem of bush-meat hunting in Africa. It’s called ‘Count me in for Conservation‘ and you can read all about it and donate to this great cause at their website here.

Kwezi being groomed by his family, his right hand now fully recovered

In fact if you scroll down to the bottom of their web page you’ll see a familiar Sonso face: Kwezi! One of the first chimpanzees ever to have a snare removed in the wild; it’s thanks to the efforts of the vets from JGI that Kwezi is now a happy and healthy 16 year old male working his way up the ranks of the chimpanzee hierarchy.

So Count us in for Conservation!

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