Another successful chimp rescue by the vet team.

July 21, 2009

On the 25th of June our resident vet, Tonny, received a phone call about a chimp caught in a mantrap in a village near our forest. Outside of the territory of our Sonso group it was almost certainly from the Rwensama forest fragment on the road to Hoima. Mantraps are hugely powerful spring loaded clamps and inflict the most horrific damage – the young female was found with her right leg trapped and screaming in agony. She was clearly in great pain and unlikely to survive long without intervention so the team swung into action. An expert in anesthetizing wild animals travelled up from the capital Kampala that day and early the next morning the chimp was darted and the trap removed. She had sustained a nasty compound fracture of the right tibia and with such a severe injury the only option with a chance of survival was amputation. The chimp was taken down to specialist facilities in Entebbe where a successful operation took place. She is now recovering nicely and in a few weeks will be released back into her forest where she can rejoin her community. Congratulations to the whole team for another fanastic rescue – to read more about snares and our snare removal program, click here.

Carefully crated up for the trip to Entebbe (photo T. Kidega)

Carefully crated up for the trip to Entebbe (photo T. Kidega)

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