New Year’s News

January 12, 2009

Hello and Na Mwaka Mpya Wenye Mafanikio! Happy New Year! 

We had a busy festive season at camp with lots of comings and goings as many of our researchers and staff visited family and friends over the holidays. All of this culminated in a big new years party with lots of eating, drinking and of course dancing (the last two may have been related – serious research into this is currently under way…). There have been comings and goings amongst our chimp community too with the arrival of a new female who rather confusingly looks very like Flora from the front and Rachel from behind; so it took us a little while to work out we had a newcomer! However she’s definitely been noticed by the males in the community and has been stirring up the tensions between the top ranking boys. 

Our other news is that the orphan infant whom we saw a lot of in December has been seen again and seems to be doing well. A tiny 4-year-old female, she turned up alone in November last year and seemed to slot straight into community life with little fuss. She was treated with great care and attention by many of the subadults; even adult males like Bwoba were seen to carry her when the group was moving in the high canopy. Her easy entry into community life and her strong resemblance to Pascal leads us to believe she may well be his little sister Polina – who is the only real candidate of the right age and sex within the community. Neither she nor her mother Polly had been seen for several years and, sadly, for her to be fending for her self at such a young age means it’s almost certain that Polly has died. The good news though is that she is doing extremely well, feeding and grooming with the other chimps, and has even been observed nesting alone. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!



the little girl we think is Polina

the little girl we think is Polina









One Response to “New Year’s News”

  1. bradleykirby said

    I think there are similarities in the mouth, ears and eyes.

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