New arrivals!

December 13, 2008

We have some new arrivals here in the Sonso chimp community – two lovely babies and a young female who has recently immigrated into our community. The two babies are both little girls, one belongs to Kigere and has been named Kaspa – she arrives as a bit of a surprise as Kigere is very shy and we had no idea she was even pregnant! Kaspa was seen for the first time on the 28th of November when she was only a few days old, and caused great commotion for a few days as everyone wanted to come and see our youngest member.
The other baby belongs to Gladys. We hadn’t seen Gladys or her daughter Gina for almost 3 years and had started to give up hope of meeting them again when a few days ago they both arrived in the west and casually joined a large group feeding in a big fig tree. We were delighted to see that she had a new 2 year old girl with her, who happily swung about while her mother got down to the more serious task of feeding for the morning. We have a meeting this weekend so stay tuned next week to find out if she is named..

Verena and the young orphan we think is Polina

Verena and the young orphan we think is Polina

Last but by no means least, the young juvenile female who has been spending more and more time with our group over the past year, has been named Verena. She is very young to have immigrated into a new community but seems to have been taken under the wing of Harriet who has a very open familiy and sometimes ‘adopts’ unknown youngsters.

The drumming and shouting outside means the chimps have just arrived in camp to settle in for one last feed in the evening sunshine so I’m off to see who’s around. That’s all for today, more next time….

Want to know more about an individual chimp? Click on their name to visit their page in our Who’s Who area!


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